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There is not a Single Component that goes into our Landfills!

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In 2009 we invested in our facility with our vision simply to be the premier supplier of refurbished shopping carts. We have evolved into a company that specializes in sustainability programs, cradle to grave recycling, product life cycle management and landfill avoidance strategies for your shopping cart fleet.

Cart Tech and a handful of valued suppliers (Meltpoint Plastics & Southeast Plastics and Sharp Carts) have developed a recycling program that has created enduring value for our clients. The Cart Tech model takes a balanced approach, improving both the aesthetics and operational performance of our clients’ shopping cart fleets. Cart Tech has developed solutions with the technical expertise that enables clients to fully optimize their capital expenditures by integrating another process that extends the life of their assets--a true cradle to grave solution--into their operations.

image Before and After
Photos taken before and after Cart Tech's exclusive Re-Manufacturing process.